I’m reading Desperation again. I always start with The Regulators. I’m at the side of the road with Johnny and the cop has just planted the drugs on his bike and is pummeling Johnny into the ground. During their conversation before the beating, I remember Tak promising to get them and marking them after Seth’s great escape with Aunt Audrey…

Everytime the cop ends sentences with “tak”, I feel Johnny surely knows what’s happening but which came first? Desperation or The Regulators? Were these events occurring in parallel, but different timelines to different people? Johnny knows something is wrong but he doesn’t “remember”. Also, he should know the cop right? They were held hostage together by Seth’s Tak on Poplar Street… I’m driving myself nuts with this (as usual).

“Oh shit, the mummy’s after us. Let’s walk a little faster”

Johnny who should remember ‘the cop’ from Poplar street, doesn’t and everytime the cop says ‘tak’ out loud, his neck hairs should be raised

David Carver and his family are from poplar street. Were they there and survived when tak was there wearing the body of Seth? Does this mean I need to go back and read The regulators? I don’t want to, not yet.